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About Me

Writer. Producer. Logistical Genius. 

Identifying first as a journalist and second as a filmmaker, I am passionate about helping others share their stories. Whether that be through a brand or ad campaign, a documentary or experiential design installation, I enjoy the creative storytelling process. Creating visual art that challenges people to feel and connect is important to me. My vision is to create work that allows us to connect through sharing stories - while collaborating with some of the most talented people and brands in the industry. 

I have experience with both union and non-union crews, international sets & budgets ranging from micro to millions. I've worked by land and by sea; on seaplanes and in fast moving vehicles; on some of the biggest backlots in Hollywood; with professional athletes and musicians; with animals, babies, and... well, you get the picture.

Where I come from, we know hard work. We know the value of a dollar. And we know quitting is never an option. That's why when it comes to production, no matter what curve balls are thrown, I always find a solution. Cutting my teeth in a market 13 broadcast newsroom sharpened my skills as a storyteller while giving me the gumption to tackle anything thrown my way at a moment's notice. In production, I hone that same mentality into ensuring we're always on budget, the vibe is positive and everyone has the resources they need to knock it out of the park - every time. 

As a Latina, I also carry a vested interested in guaranteeing I present my clients with  crews that are both diverse in race and gender. I boast a track record of 50+% female crews as well as aim to Free the Bid whenever asked for directorial recommendations. I currently work with several organizations to create a more diverse and inclusive space within the industry and look forward to sharing those connections through the "Claiming Space Summit" in the Fall of 2019.

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